Thursday, November 1, 2012

Country Farm in the city

The last beautiful indian summer sunday before it started snowing we walked to the nearby Mathis Bråndelistal-Hof.  What a treat and surprise this oasis on the hill top was for our family.  The farm is family owned and accessible by car and local bus, though we walked the whole way.

Once there you can pick flowers in the cutting garden, or let your children enjoy the two different playgrounds, or run and hide in the corn maze where at every dead end there's a small play area and so each ending feels like a destination and you'll want to search out those as well as your way back out of the maze.

We bought fresh gords and pumpkins and saw more variaties for sale then I had ever dreamed of finding.  We also bought four of the best tasting apples on the earth and some apple schnaps.  They also sell firewood for your wintertime picnic at one of the many camp sites along the walk, we saw families and friends doing just that and made me wish we'd come prepared to stay longer.  Next time we go I shall do just that.  This trip was a fantastic, lazy, and exciting way to spend a family sunday.

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